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Essentially, there are a lot of things that need to be a good academic writer such as conversant with English, general knowledge, intellectual ability, and determination towards work. Therefore, academic writing is a melange of all these things. The is an online writing service, and they claim that they have years of experience in custom writing. On the other hand, they do not have enough experience in academic writing. An academic writer must have an ability of creative thoughts. Otherwise, he/she will not make an ideal assignment. Even though, does not have experienced writers to bring a fabulous task, they state that their professional writers have vast knowledge with English literature, excellent writing skill, and years of experiences in the writing field. In fact, they could not give enough satisfaction as well as happiness to their clients in academic writing. Besides, their services could not give enough contentment to their clients at all. Every student’s wants perfection in academic writing in order to get the maximum grade. Hence, most of the custom online essays writing services prefer to expand their business with a spurious way of approach. Hence, to expand their business, make them think about various inauthentic ways that will bring more money without hard work. Therefore, they choose plagiarism, creating fake site and identity and trying to entice students with immense offers. The students understand the problem only when they get the completed task which does not have the clarity and perfection either. That means they are mainly focused on money instead of perfection in works and doing nothing to avoid plagiarism and other bad ways either. So, all students must keep a distance from such service.

The company claims:

They simply argue that they guarantee dissertations, research papers, term papers, thesis and any assignment papers that are written with superior quality. On the other hand, all their services have failed to give good work according to their customer satisfaction. They are gradually losing their fame in academic writing due to lack of poor quality in academic writing as well as poor perfection in academic writing. Now, most of their clients are deliberately eluding from their services. As a matter of fact, it seems to be their services have brought unprincipled approach among students those who need an assistant to complete their college/university assignments. Lastly, a radical structural revamp should be needed for fetching back its reputation.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

As stated in the significant remarks that we have obtained from '' users, majority of the clients have not pleased with their work and customer dealing with so far. Moreover, we have gotten many unpleasant responds about their service compared to other service; many customers had unpleasant experiences with them. Their website showing up that they offer 100% original papers and 24/7 customer supports. In contrast, we have found that their contents in work had found a lot of plagiarised contents as well as it has grammatical errors either. Even their customer support could not provide right guide to their customers as their customer wants to clarify their doubt about work. Indeed, we have received many complaints from students those who have attracted by their fake offers. They had lost their grades as well as money by consulted with them. Additionally, we have found that they do not have any plagiarism detecting software for proof checking content. Their website seems to be a fraud online platform which is deliberately trying to persuade naive clients. They do not display any contact number or email address on their official website in order to avoid contact with customers.

Pros and Cons

As a matter of fact, their subscribers seem to be fed-up due to their price catalogue which is not economical as well as loyal. In addition, the reasonable price of the does not have accuracy in work up to now, and the price list does not have any sharpness. They are offered in an intelligent way with an attractive price list, and they have never come up with reasonable price list either. On the contrary, they are not able to hold good-will among their clients anymore, and their former clients had taken a vow that they would not access this site again. Thus, they have disturbed and immersed by their services. Also, they have undergone up in the air condition due to delayed submission. They are likely to focus on abundant offers for clients rather than making excellence in their assignments. What’s more, artificial exclusivity will help to maintain a fake good-will among their clients. In reckoning, it seems to be a perplexing approach that will help them to entice naive students by false offers.


Lack of skilled writers is a crucial problem for an academic writing service. The so-called essay writing service does not have writers those who can handle academic writing with his/her talents and dedication. Moreover, has failed to appoint veteran writers to bring exceptional service. In addition, the writers do not have any resourcefulness, vision, original ideas and strength of mind while they are doing a task. Therefore, Lack of the required skills in writing will cause low quality writing, and illogical thinking and performance will affect their work either. They are not able to providing reliable products, and they have failed to complete work on time thereby many clients have lost their grades so far. They do not keep promises that they had given to clients at earlier. Finally, it is quite difficult to maintain goodwill among custom online essay writing services, and it is only possible with integrity at work.


The bar chart brings out the variation in the reviews of due to customer pleasure. Significant changes can be seen within one year. In the earliest of 2012, the positive feedbacks were at in the peak level (over 1100) while the negative feedbacks were in same as positive feedbacks. By the middle of the year, the positive feedback had fallen below 640, and the negative feedback was rising a bit. Then, by the end of the year, the negative feedbacks had ascended above 965 while the positive feedbacks had not moved. We can see that gradually its popularity has decreased and it will never come back with quality in writing.

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