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In assignment writing, case study has a pivotal role to play because most of the courses prefer case study during the academic term. A case study is an account of an activity, occurrence or dilemma that contains a real or suppositious condition and consist of the complexities that a student would encounter in the workplace. Likewise, analysing a case study requires the student to applying their knowledge, logical thinking up to the real situation. In fact, for writing a case study, a writer must have rational thinking, holistic view about the topic, and reasoning and drawing conclusions. Primarily, the has failed to complete various projects in academic writing along with case study projects. Besides, their writing team offer academic assignments such as a term paper writing, dissertation writing, book report writing, course work, and lab report while their popularity among world students is decreasing day by day. At present, they seem to have lot problems with academic writing, and some pertinent evidence says that they will never come back with eminence performance in academic writing as well as they cannot improve their writers creativity. Lack of expert writers and familiar researchers is the reason behind their breakdown in academic writing. When a student gives assignment to a service, the student will have some expectation about the company and writers. Moreover, the students are expecting outstanding quality and creativity in the academic writing. Conversely, in the case of, it cannot show their integrity to work and they did fail to give an outcome up to the needs of their clients.

The company claims:

Although argues that they are one of the best London based custom academic paper writing companies on the online writing industry, some genuine hackers found that they have created a fake site to hoax academic students. Also, they come up that e some of their best writers and editors who possess vast experience in all areas of academic knowledge and who is capable of writing any paper on any topic. In contrast, lack of expert writers and familiar researchers is the reason behind their failure in academic writing. Even though, they claim they respect their all customers and provide only 100% plagiarism paper with 24/7 customer support, majority of their clients have complained that they do not have any software to tackle plagiarism.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

In fact, according to the feedbacks that we have collected and received from ‘’ subscribers, we have conglomerated a few unavoidable factors which disclose outrageous facts about the services of, we have gotten a few negative reviews about the writing service They do not mention in their website their exact contact addresses. Our competent team did a research to find out the malfunction of Hence, we have gotten some essential truths that they are coming from third world countries, and they offer only low quality plagiarism paper with high price. They are working for only money rather than take effort for excellent outcome in academic writing.

Pros and Cons

More interestingly, the rational price of the is not exact such as the price list does not have any glassiness, they are offering in an intelligent way with attractive price list, and the price will frightfully expensive for academic students. Conversely, they cannot take any fake goodwill among their clients any more. They are likely to focus on large offers for clients rather than making improvement in their projects. Furthermore, false identity will help to develop an artificial good-will among their clients. In addition, it seems to be a dubious behaviour in their character to trick their clients. In fact, a ‘radical structural overhaul’ should be needed for the existence of ‘’, which is on the peril at present. Lack of perfection and treasures in writing may lead to reduce the popularity among new clients and past clients may likely to elude from their services.


More interestingly, they have failed to employ experienced writers to provide excellent services, and it may cause low quality projects as well as creating frustration and irritation among students. In addition, the writers do not have any resourcefulness, perception, original ideas and strength of mind while they are doing task. Therefore, Lack of necessary skills in writing will bring low quality writing, and irrational thinking and act will affect their works either. They are not able to providing dependable products, and they have failed to complete works on time thereby many clients have lost their grades so far. They are not keeping covenants that they had given to clients at the beginning. Finally, they are pretending as if one of the best writers in the world. In contrast, the customers do not feel comfort in their works.


The bar chart brings out the difference in the reviews of’ due to customer satisfaction. Having an notable effect changes can be seen within one year. In the earliest of 2012, the positive feedbacks were at in the peak level (over 1150). The negative feedbacks had a slight difference as compare positive feedbacks. By the middle of the year, the positive feedback had fallen below 700, and the negative feedback had risen a bit. Then, by the end of the year, the negative feedbacks had ascended and reached at 1050 while the positive feedbacks had not found even a slight changes.We can see that slowly its popularity has decreased. The bar chart seems to be this company will not make any differences in forthcoming days.

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