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Most of the students consider the essay writing as a way to improve their skills in writing, and also they need an assistant who works effectively to meet their needs. When the authentic writing service strives to develop friendly and trustful relationships with every client, some companies are using unhealthy way to make money. Perhaps, it will be an enough reason to spoil the solid goals of a student. As per the detailed evidences, undoubtedly we get some unexpected results about, which is an unlawful service, and concerns about only its own benefits. It is not easily understood by new clients who are less conversant with the academic writing service. Also, their attractive offers are seemed to be helping to camouflage from their exact behavior. In fact, all students must be taken an initiative to tear its fictitious goodwill before the students. The service of is not generally what it appears to be. Eventually, it will be ended up costing students far more money rather than they thought they would be spending. Besides, this service is fraught with a lot of hidden charges, and quite regularly do not even come close to delivering the assignment that they assure to create. Therefore, it will be better give the work in a familiar writing service, one that has a stellar reputation.” According to my point of view, the prevalence of this company will be a massive threat to the other genuine companies as well as the writing industry either. I am talking about it in accordance with my own experience. I relinquished my research program due to 55% plagiarized contents that was done by Then, I had to discontinue the course from the university where I had studied Post Graduation in Physics. Because of the scam contents in the project, I had to step down from the university as a culprit. Now, I am studying the same course as a part time student at another local university. So each student must be careful about its service” Deborah, Waters. Essentially, it is not a mammoth task to understand which one is better or worse. A brief idea about a company will make you get a better conclusion. The main role of a review site is giving the good and bad things about a service in which everyone can get enough knowledge according to their service. If you put a small effort to go through a review site, defiantly you will get a satisfactory solution for your writing problem.

The company claims: claims” is a professional writing service that is completely honest about what it does. The services we perform are done quickly, efficiently and at reasonable costs. We guarantee that every student who hires our competent writers will be pleasantly surprised by the degree of quality that we return”. They often assign inexpert writers who do not even speak English as their first language. Furthermore, the standard of their work is very low. They often do not provide any kind of customer service, and reasonable costs despite what they may claim. They are running a few websites which do not seem to be secured because they create their own testimonials in order to attract clients. Interestingly, their customer's credit card information is subject to theft. So that, it is better for clients to elude from their service. Also, they are notorious for creating poor quality work that is full of embarrassing errors. “First of all, beware of, which has created enough problems among students so far. I had the worst experience with this scam academic writing service. I used them for my research topic ‘New technologies in language learning and teaching’ with two weeks due. On the 11th day, they asked me to extend the deadline by saying the writer had some problem with my research. Therefore, I extended the deadline to four more days. Even after the extended deadline I did not get my paper. I wrote the essay myself and asked them reason about not delivering the paper. They did not respond to my chat or mails” says Gloria. Therefore, do not try to be a fool when you approach a service to help to build your topic.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

You should be considered the feedbacks as priceless as well as useful information for students those who are likely to avoid scams service. Honestly, we sorted out all feedbacks for the sake of students. We have put a lot effort to find out the exact face of, who puts mask as a genuine one. All feedbacks are collected through from its reader’s. Most of their clients are ambushed by their hidden charges that the customers end up losing money as well as grades. They are an organization that consists of inexperienced writers who do not have adequate experience and knowledge in various fields of study. Moreover, they do not have any research team or editors. They are not able to write academic or business writing that due to customer’s request. A professional writer must have appropriate qualifications and specification in recommending topics. At the same time, the service gives much preference to the writer who is to be specialized in an assortment of academic subjects. Also, they have to be conducted of deep research on the topic, and all above the work should be carried out on the customer's demand. In case of, it does not provide adequate service for the client. “Unfortunately, the writer who handled this assignment for me was an amateur in writing. I did not find any exceptional creation on my topic as they do mention about them. I would expect a standard paper because they charged enough and more than the other services are given. I got a terribly poor quality dissertation with full of errors in topic contents. It was not at all related to the topic I shared with the writer. I lost my good grades because that paper. Hence, before selecting writing services students ought to make sure whether the service is genuine or scam and are given in the appropriate time period. It is also a must to check the quality of the papers written by the writers. Do not be get cheated by any scam writing services” says Lawrence Ladd. If you want to avoid such problems in writing, you are always trying to stick with a genuine company which has better past and present.

Pros and Cons

They provide certified native English speaking writers in their service, and they consider it as a major advantage of them. In fact, the world is seemed to be very cunning and greedy, and also anyone can create a fake profile details in accordance with their own imagination. On the other hand, not everyone can make an exceptional writing with their rotten imagination. Despite certified native English speaking writers, they have failed to forge research topics and dissertation those are very tough task to accomplish. They are ready to write essays which relate high school students. Truthfully, in the beginning, they were started as a high school essay writing service. Later, they came to know that the importance of academic writing such as thesis, dissertation and research. For craving of the money, they step up to academic writing field even though they do not have well-versed writers. Lack of logical thinking may the reason behind their downfall. Their situation is deteriorating day by day, and as per the survey, their old clients said” they deserve the breakdown”.


Apparently, they are showing no signs of a scam service, and also they are playing very well before new clients who can easily trap with untrue offers. As we look into it, almost every errors are we can see in their writing such as plagiarised contents, grammar mistakes, inappropriate punctuations, lexical errors, expensive pricing, and so on. The customer care system makes the interaction, cooperation with the service, and it also will bring pleasant and stress-free atmosphere for the client. is not providing any sufficient customer support like live chat, E-mail ID, and even a contact number either. So that the clients are fed up with its service. Even though, they have online customer representatives, they always seem to be inactive. If there is any problem with paper, there is no way to contact them.


The bar graph depicts the percentage of the vast difference in the use of among students of those who need a genuine companion to attain their ultimate goals in academia. In addition, it is an online custom academic writing service which wears a mask in order to construct a fake identity among the students those who are studying various topics across the world. During a year, we can see the stunning change from positive to negative feedbacks that about their reputation in the midst of customers. At the beginning of 2012, the positive feedback is at the topmost level between in January, 2012 to in June 2012. When we connect to negative feedbacks, there is only a slight difference between them. Evidently, it can hardly know which is the peak or lowest point. In the midst of the year, the positive feedback has come down to 635 with fewer clients, and the negative feedback heaved to an extent, and at the end of the year, the negative feedback arrived at 895, period in-between positive feedback had not found even the least change. As per the chart and customer feedbacks, we can make out that they are the biggest fraud in academic writing family, and it is the right time to halt their work in the field of custom writing. It often shows interest in making money rather than providing outstanding service. Free drafts and price calculator are the essential services that they do not provide so far.

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