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Interestingly, plagiarism, which will be a reason to drop the students’ grade in academic writing. Also, plagiarism now became so easy to copy and paste material from the Internet. Besides, many custom, online essay writing services use plagiarism as a shortcut process to reduce time consuming in order to earn more money to complete the task as much as they can. The is a US based custom writing service. However, they are providing task which involves plagiarised contents. They provide writing assistance to complete custom essays, term papers, research papers, book reports, custom theses, dissertations and other academic works to international students. In contrast, they could not satisfy their clients with these immense services. All students need perfection in writing that without any hesitation while it reads. Most of the inauthentic 'custom online essay services' prefer plagiarism at present, so that it can be time-consuming to do academic writing, and then write something out in their own words. That means such services give importance to money rather than providing good work. Now, it is quite a difficult task to identify a genuine company on the internet because there are a lot companies waiting for naive students to trick them with fake immense offers. Such all fraud activities point out that most of them consider as academic writing is a vast area for business propose. Absence of a better way of approach will be harmful for students’ academic life. Every company does work not only a genuine but also a business concern. Moreover, all Academic writing services need to convince students that they are providing genuine service, and that is only possible by credibility in work. Hence, students must be prudent when you choose a company for academic writing. Otherwise, you will lose a immense amount of money as well as get lower grades in academic writing.

The company claims:

First of all, they claim that they have qualified writers who have been in academic writing for years and are well qualified; each of them is a Masters or a PhD degree holder. On the other hand, they have not experienced writers, and their writers who have a diploma certificate in hand instead of the PhD degree certificate. Besides, they are always coming up with worst arguments such as they ensure superior quality and non-plagiarized papers for each order, affordable prices, 24/7 customer support, and money-back guarantee policy. These offers are not genuine because it is only in their words. In fact, they have failed to give enough satisfaction to clients with the excellent work. In fact, it is quite a difficult task to regain back fame among students who want indispensable work for gain more grade in academic writing.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

As a matter of fact, in agreement with the feedbacks that we have collected and received from ‘’ subscribers, we have found a few certain factors which disclose dreadful facts about the services of We had to know that has various severe problems related to their academic writing service. Their customer support system does not bridge the communication gap between customers’ and company, and most of their customers’ does not happy with it. Also, they are not able to providing contact with their writers in order to clarify clients’ doubts. The money-back policy is just a so-called programme, and only possible is to get revisions on papers. They are good enough to offer lots of features to customers but not as good as to keep the covenant that they had at the beginning. It does require providing at least an average value for customer payments via a company serves. Thus, kindly students do avoid such concern in order to get rid of tensions and worries about academic writing.

Pros and Cons

In fact, the appropriate price list of the is not right at all if we compare other real trade online essay writing services. Furthermore, the price list does not have any transparency. Besides, the bargain prices are expected to entice students away from other genuine concerns. Indeed, they cannot take any fraudulent goodwill among their clients anymore because all their clients have recognised that it is a fraud company. They are likely to focus on massive offers for clients rather than making improvement in their projects. Additionally, false identity will help to develop an artificial good-will among their clients, but it will not get a prolonged life in the essay writing area.


As a matter of fact, they have not well-versed writers to provide excellent services, and it may cause poor quality result as well as creating nuisance and distress among students. Furthermore, the writers do not have any inventiveness, perspicacity, innovative ideas and strength of mind while they are moulding task. Therefore, Lack of ample skill in writing will produce low quality writing, and irrational thoughts and performance will affect their work either. They are not able to providing reliable products, and they have failed to complete assignments on time thereby many clients have lost their marks so far. They are not trying to keep the treaty that they had given to clients at earlier. Furthermore, they are pretending as if one of the best writers in the world. On the other hand, the customers do not feel comfortable in their works. Finally, lack of proof-reading is one of the drawbacks of


The bar chart comes up with the variation in the reviews of ‘’ due to customer satisfaction. Having a notable effect change can be seen within one year. In the earliest of 2012, the positive feedbacks were at in the peak level (over 1030). The negative feedbacks had a slight difference as compared positive feedbacks. By the middle of the year, the positive feedback had fallen below 635, and the negative feedback had risen a bit. Then, by the end of the year, the negative feedbacks had ascended and reached at 995 while the positive feedbacks had not found even a slight change. We can see that slowly its popularity has decreased. The bar chart seems to be this company will not make any differences in forthcoming days.

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