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In fact, nowadays, academic writing is getting as a tough challenge for students, and also it seems to be a competition to gain excellent marks. Moreover, students are considering it as a key factor to attain sufficient grades in an academic career. When students feel that they need help of a professional writing service, they start to explore a genuine company which provides either staggering advantages or revolutionary and honest pricing. As per the character of an authentic service; it should provide appropriate security measures in place to protect against the loss, alteration of information, and misuse. does not have any professionalism and perfection because the writers are less qualified in academic writing, and also they do not know about the ethics and values of writing. The professional writers can be completed all types of the project for clients’ in a different field of subjects within the necessary time line. Besides, the staffs those who are working from genuine service will always follow clients’ requirements, and deliver what they need exactly. At, there is no customer care manager to confirm the quality of the products, clarify the doubts related to the topic, and up to date information on topic formation. A writing company has to provide exclusive writing service. Therefore, it should be related to specific clients, and it can be provided high quality products, and also it will be accessible for every student with affordable price. The price list should be in accordance with the standard of the topic, and the quality of the paper. An authentic company is always coming with an excellent team of professional academic experts in a wide range of subjects. It is better assign the veteran writers to form an outstanding work without any errors. Because, the enough experience in a certain field will bring good grades and goodwill. In fact, a genuine service does never let clients to worry about tight deadlines, as well as the fine quality of the paper. Indeed, the writing service should be standing behind an each student for improving their grades and trust.

The company claims:

According to customers’ satisfaction, they prefer to get personal approach on each and every matter. In contrast, does not follow such essential things that are relating to the customer satisfaction. When clients’ efforts, time, and desire are not considering as valuable for a service provider, clients will frighten about the academic future which depends on the paper. If there is no good grade for the work, it will be an enough reason for less point on paper. So that, clients are considering academic writing as a pertinent element during the course. Research writing always puts students in a mess because it is a quite difficult task to accomplish when it compares to other writing. Custom research often necessitates weeks of persistent work and scrutiny. Even top academics may find it not possible to meet tight deadlines while they are in busy schedules.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

As per the feedbacks from the readers of, most of them commented that is an unlawful service in the world of academic writing. Also, they have disclosed some relevant information about the nature of their work. When we checked their comments on the review site, we realized that clients have been going through massive depressions due to poor writing from This situation has to be changed by the ample support and detailed clarification about the information about the services. All problems are created by the lack of integrity and credibility in their service. If they are credible in their work, their clients would get quality papers without even a single error. Although they offer a wide range of service for research paper, their works are always in a mess for clients because of they have inexperienced team of writers. Besides, they do not know the basic knowledge of English language. Obviously, their work is similar to a rough class note of a student. There is no relation between ideas and style of writing. Moreover, the work does not have any core sentences and paragraphs. Richard, Schrock says “Firstly I had communication problems with the customer service representative, and also I was disappointed by the late response of the customer service. When I received the first draft of my paper, I was disappointed totally that some major points were missing. Therefore, I do not have any interest to buy their service again”.

Pros and Cons

They are providing services at extremely expensive price list while genuine companies prefer affordable price list along with standard quality of writing. Moreover, has poor quality paper when they charge an exorbitant price from students. In fact, the primary concern of a genuine company is up to the convenience of clients’ requirements. They have resold paper that should belong to the owner only, and it shall not for sale. Essentially, academic writing is always a soul property for a student so that it needs uniqueness and creativity in the structure and style of its writing. A lot works are rejected from universities/ college, due to plagiarism, and it puts their clients in chaos. In contrast, a genuine company never tries to add plagiarisms contents in their work.


Apparently, the main disadvantage of their service is plagiarism. When the whole world is looking at the plagiarism as a big threat, they are using it as their tool for success. On the other hand, the clients are not supposed to be expected plagiarisms contents because it is a form of stealing ideas from others without their consent. Secondly, their writers are not well educated in a specific field of topics. Hence, their paper has below average quality that can never satisfy a reader. Indeed, a writer must strictly adhere to the topic, and follow the instructions specified by subscribers with reference to the final outcome of the paper. A fake company does not follow customers requirements in order to avoid huge time-consuming. Therefore, every student must be careful to assign your project in a service, and always try to pick up the right one by rational thinking.


The bar graph brings up with the percentage of the variance in the use among students of those who want an assistant to obtain their goal in academia. Furthermore, it is an online custom essay writing service that is pretending as if they are the best one as genuine company, but we got some pertinent facts about their work. During a year, we can see the marvellous change from positive to negative feedbacks that about their reputation in the midst of customers. At the beginning of 2012, the positive feedback is at the topmost level between in January, 2012 to in June 2012. When we connect to negative feedbacks, there is only a slight difference between them. Recognizably, it can hardly know which is the peak or lowest point. In the midst of the year, the positive feedback has come down to 590 with fewer clients, and the negative feedback heaved to an extent, and at the end of the year, the negative feedback arrived at 980, period in-between positive feedback had not found even the least change. Seemingly, the main reasons for their pathetic conditions are plagiarism, less competent writers, and less time management. They thought that they would get immense service if they use plagiarism as a tool, and they will always get the same customers. In contrast, the plagiarism has brought a bad name for them, and also it is always will be.

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