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Editors Review is an online essay writing service. This academic writing service is exclusively for essay writing. They claim that they offer help with a wide range of academic and non-academic assignments for high school, college, university, and post-graduate students. We have received many feedbacks about this writing service, and most of them are negative remarks. Most of the clients are not satisfied with this writing service.

The company claims:

They claim that their team of writers is highly qualified and experienced professional writers. They also claim that they provide 100% plagiarism free and fresh content. They also guarantee free revision for your papers. They also claim that they provide enhanced essay writing service, since they have years of experience in academic writing.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

From the customers, more than the praises, we received complaints about this online essay writer. They claims 100% purity for the content they make and their writers are with high qualification. But the clients tell us that this service provides very low quality papers. The writers are not much qualified people; as a result, most of their papers contain plagiarism. They have no customer support system. Also their pricing system is not well structured and it making the clients more confused. There is no exact year on their website as the year of establishment. It simply means they have less experience in academic writing field. From the customers comments we can confirm that this company want to be improved more to please their customers.

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