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Students are keen to search for academic writing service meanwhile a lot of services are waiting outside to help students from their struggle to complete their assignments. The internet is a mixture of different services with different characters. For students, how can they recognize genuine essay writing service from false ones? Identifying genuine service would be a very tough task even for a professional. Most of the services are not giving any adequate service according to their clients’ needs. Vested-interest is their primary concern rather than customer satisfaction, and quality products. Despite the bad experience from the scam companies, students do not end the search for genuine companies. They have to need a perfect companion to get rid of from their tensions, and worries. If they get hoaxed by scam companies, they may try for other services the next time. The opportunities of essay writing services are still in increase but some of them seem to be a problem for clients. In fact, scam companies are standing as a big threat for academic students. A small mistake in writing can change the entire life of a client. is a filthy service among the writing service, exemplified by, that is covered with a shield. Shield is giving a fake identity among their clients, and also it is created with a lot of lies, and made up stories. When we consider about the turmoil in writing, students should think about their service before you assign your work.

The word of genuine means good thing is for good people, but one thing is common with the people, who preserve it; they have positive thing in mind that they expect good for everyone. On the other hand, is seemed to be spending their immense time to create poor writing for students. So as to produce a good quality product it needs ample time, competent writers’, and sophisticated aura. An academic writer should have electrifying ideas, immense creativity, and ultimate energy. Conversely, the writers of have inadequate knowledge in English language. They are always sticking on blogs and Wikipedia, and do not show any creativity and energy in writing. In addition, most of their works are hopeless, and also they have not produced successful assignments for the clients so far. Writing is not just about letters instead of that is a combination of hard work, innovative ideas, and above all ingenuity in paper creation. Review sites have got a clear view about writing services, and also have implemented various strategies in order to reduce the infiltration of scam services to the area of genuine services.

Day-by-day, cyber crime is in increase, and so many people are tricked by scam companies. Emerging scam companies is an indication that they consider internet as an effective media to hoax people. Most of the scam companies know that using internet is a secured one; there are no more rules and regulations to disturb their way. Essentially, majority of the students are entitled opportunities for scam services by themselves. They should not have got trapped by scam services if they had sufficient knowledge about scam’s activities. To solve these issues, review sites are ready to give ample support for the clients. “I am a victim of When I placed my work, they told me that their assignments would be plagiarism free. But, I found that it was copied completely from the internet. I got it on the deadline. When I called them to report it, they replied it was their responsibility to amend the work sent to me. For that reason, I could not submit the work to the university. Due to plagiarism, I failed the assignment, and I had to pay around £ 1900 to the university to continue the module” says Rodriguez.

The company claims: claims that “Ordering with us means 100% custom written papers. Your assignment will be written according to your personal instructions and requirements. Adjusting the paper to your writing style also proves that it is unique and made especially for you! Custom written paper is supported by a FREE plagiarism report you get from us once your order is completed.” A legit service always keeps distance from plagiarism, but scam service always uses plagiarism as their useful method. promises to give plagiarism free papers. On the other hand, their clients never say that they get plagiarism free papers. Even though, their work is in accordance with your personal instructions, and requirements, the paper will be a replica of other sources which you find in the internet. At present, internet is a melange of good, average, and bad contents. A writer should need the ability to distinguish which one is perfect for the topic? In fact, the style of the writers of will never be digested for the native English people, and their writers come from ‘African Continent’. We are not saying that African’s cannot write a fabulous essay but we just refer to the writers employed by do not just deliver it The question is why they are hired African writers. They are available at cheap remuneration while the academic professional native English writers are expensive.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

Understanding from others experience is the best way to choose a legit essay writing, which is inexperienced or choosing inappropriate way to success. We collected some pertinent factors that are related to, Which has labelled as scam service. Their clients did not feel that the company was working responsibly for them. First of all, most people think that they are the best writing service across the globe except their clients. Hence, they will be harmful for the academic community as long as they exist in writing service. Almost every client has felt the heat of their rotten service so far. Due to the poor writing, lots of clients have lost their money as well as grade. Writing service must be a reason behind the academic success of their client. On the other hand, is behind the failure of their clients. “Before one month, I received my academic paper from It was an awful experience for me. Their writing quality was too bad. Also, they are pretty expensive than other companies, and they are charging for 30-40$ per pages” says Brandon.

Pros and Cons

They provide 24/ 7 customer service, and the customer representatives are very helpful and informative either. Despite the around the clock customer service, clients are not allowed to contact with writers. The most important thing in writing is that the client should keep healthy interaction with writers. The client wants a unique paper in order to get good grades. So that, he/she needs to discuss with the writer in order to give pertinent information about the topic. One academic paper could change the entire life of a student, and the change will be depended on the quality of the paper. If there is no interaction with writer, it will not be possible to create a paper, which is according to the clients concern. Most of their writers are not well experienced. The academia sets the trend of introducing innovative academic programs and writing linked to the needs of the world. So that writers need an ample knowledge about everything that all are involved in academia.


Exactly, they do not know how to run a writing service, and also they are considering it as an illegal business. A writing service must need competent writers, and modern technologies. In fact, everyone cannot play with words, and also it does not fit for everyone. Writing creative paper is similar to science, which needs innovative ideas, and finds ways that never, used by others. A writer must create a path which belongs to him/her only. Then only you will feel that your work will be unique. There is nothing to be compared with your own writing. has failed in writing service. If a company wants to expand its business, it has to be sincere in their duty first. They are not sincere at all, and the nature of working is not apt for an academic writing service. As per a writing service, each service must be perfect, and there should not have any lagging in between the clients and service. Due to the making of their worst products, so many students are diverted from the way that they had to go. Thus, students must take care of scam services.


The bar graph depicts the percentage of the remarkable change in the use of among students, who need an authentic service to place their academic works. Most of their clients were approached its service to overcome issues in academic writing. Moreover, it is an online academic writing service, which provides products with cheap rate, but those writing are considered as the poor quality writing. For the reason that, most of their clients got plagiarized contents along with grammatical and lexical errors. During a year, we can see the stunning change from positive to negative feedbacks that about their reputation in the midst of customers. At the beginning of 2012, the positive feedback is at the topmost level between in January, 2012 to in June 2012. When we connect to negative feedbacks, there is only a slight difference between them. Evidently, it can hardly know which is the peak or lowest point. In the midst of the year, the positive feedback has come down to 595 with fewer clients, and the negative feedback heaved to an extent, and at the end of the year, the negative feedback arrived at 895, period in-between positive feedback had not found even the least change. It is a helpless service so that everyone should keep one foot distance from it. Most of their clients have raised complaints about their service. But, they do not change their attitude towards academic writing.

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