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Editors Review

The writer needs a pleasant atmosphere to create well-written, fully referenced, timely and unique papers. Therefore, the service provider does everything that they can make writers job as pleasant as it can be. Meanwhile, the service is providing ample service in academic writing, it should be need a support system sort out any problem at either end. does neglect its writers like many companies do, and they do not value them so that they are not able to work with satisfaction. Hence, it can be affect badly on topic formation. Every company must respect their writers because they have a key role to play in academic writing. Where there is an enough satisfaction, there will be fantastic results. In fact, the writer must have very strong time management skill while he/she is making a unique task for clients’ who need a perfect paper. Moreover, the writing profession is a melange of professionalism, competitiveness, honesty, and good will towards both customers and writers. For instance, if there is no honesty from writers, there will be no chance for professionalism and goodwill. Everything is related to each other, and also it depends on a holistic manner. The academic writing is beneficial for both customer and service provider. Thus, there should be needed a mutual understanding between client and company. The company does not give priority to their vested interest in order to the result comes up with equal proportion of happiness to the client and company. does not know the importance of customer satisfaction because they are aiming money than credibility and integrity. Indeed, a service provider must be extremely down to earth, friendly, and concerned about the assignments of clients, in sharp contrast to who has never minded about to keep the integrity towards customers who will never place their paper in

The company claims:

All writers are required to write in excellent English so that grammar mistakes, lexical errors do not pull down students grades. Every academic service must be needed a team of academicians of those who are well skilled in academic writing of custom dissertation, essay, thesis and term paper. The service provider has to keep the value in quality, and efficiency in delivering services to the paper writing service subscribers. Moreover, punctuality is the prime element in writing in order to let clients know that the service provider is able to complete a mandatory task or fulfil a commitment before or at a previously designated time along with outstanding paper.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

We got a lot of comments from our reader through, which is providing pertinent facts about academic writing services. They do not have any writers who have PhD and masters degree. Besides, lack of communication with writers and their staff those who are responsible to give assistance for facilitate clients’ problems. They have not kept any promises yet such as money back guarantee and free revision, which they should have fulfilled as a part of customer satisfaction. According to the customer satisfaction, all problems that are related to the service can be solved by friendly approach. We pick one of the testimonials from their clients, Jimmy (UK student) says” Now, I am in distress because I have gotten 40% on the paper that prepared for me. Even though, the rates are 50% cheaper, their work is very worst than I would expect about them. How could they do this to clients’? I would like to disclose it to all of students about their insincerity as well as our insecurity”

Pros and Cons

The quality service does not need too much promoting advertisement because students will explore it with the help of internet. Clients are often expecting more from an online service such as cheap essay service, punctuality in service, prefer qualified writers with PhD and Masters degree, need excellent communication with their writers, get the option for free revision and money back guarantee, and above all expect honest and trustworthy service. On the other hand, most of the companies are not providing services which expects by clients. Hence, students have to be thought twice before you place your work on an academic writing service. You must have kept an outlook about which is the best or bad that will fetch you towards a better option.


Obviously, they do not have an active team of writers in order to enjoy the work and considering writing as a responsibility to bring admirable paper. The writers have to keep some obligations that are related to writing field as well as, students’ requirements. They do not have any particular principles and ethics which are helping to run a company with authenticity. When students motivation is challenged, and they get distracted, they want need a genuine assistant to sort out problems. Sometime it is hard to tackle problem when the service is providing inauthentic service. Many of the companies do seem to be reluctant to give ear to the needs of clients. There should be needed a change in academic writing service by irradiates all unwanted service by prudence. Essentially, the service like will ruin students’ future with poor quality writing, and account for every problem that they created on students’ paper.


The bar chart brings out the variation in the reviews of who plans deliberately to put students’ future in peril with worst paper, and they are providing services without enough technologies as well as competent qualified writers. Not even a single client did get satisfaction from This chart is about to fetch a clear review of its bad service among students. Significant and vast changes can be seen within one year, and it indicates that it has less popularity. In the earliest of 2012, the positive feedbacks were at in the peak level (over 1055) while the negative feedbacks were in same as positive feedbacks. By the middle of the year, the positive feedback had fallen below 750 when the negative feedback was rising a bit. Then, by the end of the year, the negative feedbacks had ascended above 1100 while the positive feedbacks had not moved. It is hard to regain the goodwill because they are misused and played with students’ career. Besides, the chances for bright future will be in uncertainty due to low quality and plagiarised content.

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