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Editors Review is an online academic writing service. They provide various kinds of academic papers like college essays, argumentative essays and custom essays.

The company claims:

The company claims that they provide 100% authentic service for their customers. They also state that they provide professionally written essay, free bibliography and also they studied customer’s requirements carefully.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

Based on the feedbacks we received from readers, we realized that they are biggest scam. Most of their customers are complained about their customer support and writing quality. Even they claim that their writers are expert in writing most of the time they provide below average standard papers.

Many customers’ are complaints about frequently asking for extension of deadline and most of their writers don’t know basic grammars of English. Without any doubt we can conclude that this is mater of scam site. Be careful.

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Poor qualified writers (Filter only companies having qualified writers).

Number of pages not as ordered (Filter only companies having qualified writers)

Not within Deadline (Filter only companies having qualified writers)

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