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Dissertation writing is not an easy task for college/university students. The written style of a dissertation is extremely significant as well as an indispensable aspect among academic students. Besides, communicate ideas will depend importantly upon the flexibility of students writing style indeed. More interestingly, the majority of the academic students are struggling to complete dissertation within deadline. In addition, to be a successful dissertation must stick on to several factors for academic writing. As shown by, a student must have vast knowledge about his/her topic, a wide range of guidance and resources, and mentally prepare to overcome frustration during the period of dissertation. The argues that they will assist students in all academic writing needs, with emphasis put on dissertation writing. However, they could not help their customers to put on even 50% marks in dissertation submission. Hence, most of their customers do feel that they have submitted their project to an inauthentic company. Again they argue that their writing and editing team ready to complete clients variety of writing, editing papers such as course work writing, dissertation writing, literature review, research proposal, thesis, essay editing and proofreading and more. Nevertheless, some evidence brings forth that they do not have any proficient writers to work for dissertation tasks. It seems to be the thing beyond their customers ken; they all are in danger.

The company claims: argues that their service offers an online calculator to customers so that anyone could calculate the price of the order himself. In contrast, most of their customers remarked that their calculator does not work properly so that the clients were fed-up due to delayed calculation. Also, the task would not be executed in order to the convenience of clients by the harp time on the deadline. In consonance with their own words they have 24/7 online customer support department, but it may happen that there will not be any available operators online so that clients should wait and leave their message.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

In fact, as reported by the feedbacks that we have collected and received from ‘’ subscribers, we have accumulated some pertinent aspects about the services of’. As illustrated by, their too high prices cannot affordable for clients who are struggling to meet their both ends, and an absence of customer support operators for a long time may lead to clients get angry towards Also, they do not include enough information about their writers on their website. Every student must be careful to contact such companies even though they are trying to make the procedures easier or facilitate money transfer. Thus, naive students may easily to lock in such services. Be careful before getting trapped by such companies.

Pros and Cons

As a matter of fact, the affordable price of the is not explicit as well as reliable at all. As exemplified by, they cannot achieve a sufficient project result meanwhile they are offering reasonable price list for their clients. Also, it seems to be a nebulous nature in their attitude to deceive their clients. They are just focussing on ample offers for clients rather than clarity and honesty in the works. Besides, spurious identity will help to make a counterfeit ardour among their clients. Besides, a phony appropriate response is another method in which they can easily attract all new clients. They had failed to keep their agreement with clients due to reluctance in the dissertation, and other academic related submission.


They have failed to appoint experienced writers to provide excellent services, and it may bring awful projects as well as creating discontent and rage among students. Besides, the writers do not have any ingenuity, actual ideas, and mentally prepare to surmount impediment during the period of dissertation. Therefore, Lack of necessary skills in writing will bring low level writing, and irrational thinking and performance will affect their work either. They are not able to providing dependable products, and they have failed to complete work on time thereby many clients have lost their grades so far. They do not keep promises that they had given to clients at earlier.


The bar chart brings out the difference in the reviews of due to customer pleasure. Significant changes can be seen within one year. In the earliest of 2012, the positive feedbacks were at in the peak level (over 950) while the negative feedbacks were in parallel as positive feedbacks. By the middle of the year, the positive feedback had fallen below 650, and the negative feedback had risen a bit. Then, by the end of the year, the negative feedbacks had ascended above 990 while the positive feedbacks had not moved. We can see that gradually its popularity has decreased. The bar chart seems to be this company will not make any differences in upcoming days.

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