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Now, the education seems to be highly competitive for students those who are struggling to get excellent grades during academic life. Likewise, every student to follow creative thinking and new ideas in order to stand-out among other students as well as attain admirable grades in assignments. Recently, the assignments form universities and colleges are getting real tough for ordinary students, and they are struggling to cope up with such situations. More interestingly, the academic writing is not easy as pie, and it has critical and thoughtful level of knowledge prefers to write difficult topics. Besides, creativity is an essential factor in academic writing as well as the creativity is only possible by well experienced writers. Even though the ultimate goal of is to help students to gain excellent grades in academic writing, the reviews have come up with evidence that they have failed to get enough satisfaction from clients. The uncertainty about the works will put them in hazard while they are not able to moulding impressive writings for clients. They have proposed some academic assignments such as dissertation writing, course work writing, term paper writing, research paper writing and editing proof reading. Indeed, the credibility is only in words as well as less quality is in academic writing. Be careful to give assignments to such custom essay writing services.

The company claims:

The online writing claims that they provide 24/7 live support through live chat and phone. On the other hand, the reviews from their subscribers said that they had never talked to professional of to clarify hesitation in tasks. Their subscribers could not make any contact with the company via phone or internet. Moreover, the customer service team bring forth with 100% confidentiality for all information provided by customers. Conversely, the reviews said that they had given same projects to several students, and a few students had lost grades due to ‘Plagiarism’. They are not offering toll free number at all.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

Depending on the essential feedbacks that we have collected a few reviews through subscribers, the Custom-writing. org is charging high rate for per page when the other genuine companies charge a reasonable price for academic students. Furthermore, high writing price is not rational for academic students, and it will be a reason to burn a hole in academic students’ pocket. Besides, in their websites they do not offer any price calculator for checking their paper rate. That means they are deliberately planning to raise price list to earn more income from academic students.

Pros and Cons

Essentially, the reasonable price of the is not precise such as the price list does not have any transparency, they are offering in bright way with fascinating price list, and the price will frightfully expensive for academic students. Conversely, they can hold counterfeit benevolence among their clients no more. They are likely to focus on ample offers for clients rather than making perfection in their projects. Moreover, false identity will help to promote an artificial good-will among their clients. In addition, it seems to be an ambiguous behaviour in their character to trap their clients.


Normally, they have failed to hire talented and experienced writers to deliver outstanding services, and it will be fetching low quality products as well as making frustration among academic students. Moreover, they are not able to giving excellent results because they are highly concentrating on money instead of continue integrity in their works. They have failed to execute works on time thereby many clients have lost their grades and got negative points so far. They do not keep covenant that they had given to clients at earlier.


The bar chart brings out the deviation in the reviews of Custom-writing. org due to customer satisfaction. Significant changes can be seen within one year. In the earliest of 2012, the positive feedbacks were at in the peak level (over 950) while the negative feedbacks were in same as positive feedbacks. By the middle of the year, the positive feedback had fallen below 800, and the negative feedback was arisen a bit. Then, by the end of the year, the negative feedbacks had ascended above 800 while the positive feedbacks had not moved.

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