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Each student gets many writing assignments during each semester. When student feels less confident about the project, or they are worried about the prospect of completing it within the deadline, these difficulties make them think of custom essay writing service. The thing is more critical when students believe and trust on a scam company like, which is no longer a dependable service. Some students never take any initiative to understand about the service which they prefer as a right option. As a result, they are going to be placed their essential work in them with the least information, and later they will feel that it was a wrong decision to believe in the service. The problem is not depending upon other genuine concerns rather than it affects the clients who placed their topic in a scam company. There are some top secrets revealed about its service, from their clients. The writers of are cheaters, and also there is an example of it. William John is a student from USA, has placed his topic in them. He says” I heard about so many cheating services, but my case is entirely different from it. I deceived by a writer who was assigned for me by I was fully trusted on him because I could interact with him, and I could say what I would like to add on my topic as bright ideas because it will give the life of my work. At last, I received was a plagiarised one, and also he has delayed the delivery of the paper by saying an excuse. In fact, is accountable for the mistake that he has done to me. When I called the service and said about it, they said that they are not responsible for the problem”. This is what we try to inform students, and we put effort to halt the bad impact of scam companies in the writing service as much as we can, and let you know that which one is you have to trust in as an authentic service.

The company claims: claims “At we care about the quality of our products. Therefore, after your custom essay is completed, it is reviewed by our quality control staff, consisting of professional proofreaders and editors. Once the paper style and format have been edited, it then goes through our state-of-the-art plagiarism detection software to ensure completely original, unique work for each client”. Once you enter into labyrinth, you will face complicated series of paths, which it is hard to find your way through, and get out from it. This same situation is particularly prevalent in the writing of All of their work will never captivate for readers because it does not have any vividness, and perfection. Furthermore, it will fetch you to deep confusion and trouble as you are going through the task. It cannot be stand-out amongst other unique writings. Perhaps, lack of ideas on writers mind is the reason behind the creation of useless work. Julia pointed out that “I ordered my essay from last month, and I received the essay on time, but the essay was so poor. It was not exactly related to what I was expected, and specified. Then, I gave a ring to them, but they are not responding. I do not know what I am going to do with the paper because the deadline is already over, and I will not have a second chance to write it. Therefore, I would like to give advice for students those who are surfing for a trusted company. Please be careful to, which does not show dedication in work. When I looked at its website it was seemed to be supremely good, and when I contacted them with a lot expectation about their service, they assured that they will provide the best essay on time. But I received a very poor content that I have never seen before”.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

We have collected some considerable feedbacks about from the readers of In accordance with the feedbacks, there is nothing to be sticking with because it is an awful service which does not provide superior quality. When all students are concerning about quality instead of expenditure, their paper never ensures full value for payment and gives importance to clients’ deadlines. David Jackson, a former client, said that” Month ago, I got an essay paper from my collage about "Environmental Consequences of Kyoto Protocol ". I ordered my essay paper from them. Even though, they provided the paper before the deadline, it was poorly written with a lot grammar mistake. Also, it had no touch and relation with the topic. Besides, my writer did not follow any of my requirements regarding the essay paper. Simply I lost my money, as well as time". Student must need to check whether the service is trustworthy or scam, and are given in the correct time period when they are planning to select writing service. Also, makes it clear that the writers are good at writing, and just take a look at their writing either. Do not get deceived by any bogus essay writing service. If you had any wrong experience from any company, please do share it before others.

Pros and Cons

The main advantages of are money back guarantee, and free revision service. When we look at the customers’ feedback its service has got blames on certain issues. It has violated free revision service several times and too failed in giving the papers on a deadline so many times. Furthermore, a few clients have said that they even forced to take legal actions in order to get money back. Many of their clients demanded the money back because of plagiarised contents in the paper they provided. If they have efficient quality assurance department, all problems are related their service might have solved. Therefore, it is clear that they are extremely weak in the management.


It is a below average academic essay writing services because they have failed to work according to their clients needful. It is not recommended to keep a vast trust but only to experiment their luck. Many students have arisen a few complaints about their service that they are demanding much higher than the traditional services pricing rate. Moreover, it is not always available online where they have to maintain their online status most of the time in order to updating the needs of the clients. In accordance with the feedbacks that we have collected from our readers, majority of them are not pleased with their service at all. Their ordering procedure is seemed to be bit complicated for the customers, and they have to wait at least thirty minutes to get any feedbacks from their customer care supporter.


The bar graph comes up with the percentage of the vast difference in the use of among students of those who need a trusted assistant to achieve their aims and ambitions in academia. Furthermore, it is an online custom essay writing service that is pretending as if they are the finest one as an legit company, but we got some worthwhile and also some obvious truths about their work. During a year, we can see the marvelous change from positive to negative feedbacks that about their reputation in the midst of customers. At the beginning of 2012, the positive feedback is at the topmost level between in January, 2012 to in June 2012. When we connect to negative feedbacks, there is only a slight difference between them. Noticeably, it can hardly know which is the peak or lowest point. In the midst of the year, the positive feedback has come down to 660 with fewer clients, and the negative feedback heaved to an extent, and at the end of the year, the negative feedback arrived at 965, period in-between positive feedback had not found even the least change. As per the chart and customer feedbacks, we can understand that these writing services have failed to produce excellent writing service for customers. Instead, it shows interest in making money rather than providing exceptional service. Free drafts and price calculator are the essential services that they do not provide yet.

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