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Academic writing paved the way to various opportunities for writing services. In addition, when they use the service in the right way, they can also a part to mould better future for students. At present, students are seemed to be panic because of they are swamped with millions of tasks that are getting consecutively from universities/colleges. In fact, they need a truthful helper, who can provide ample support, and he/she will work according to clients’ instructions. There are a lot of custom essay writing agencies, but only a few can brag about a 100% quality service. Selecting genuine company might be a herculean task for students those who are less common with academic writing services. Scam services are seemed to be rebellious. They do not work in accordance with the client needs. Many clients have got bitter experience from, which is providing service as a custom essay writing service. Everyone should have aware of such harmful services, and also it is better to prevent from the beginning itself. has cut-throat attitude, and they prefer unhealthy competition in academic writing with aggressive and unfair ways. Therefore, every student has to be vigilant before place your work at scam service. is a fraudulent agency among academic writing services, and they are delivering prewritten or plagiarized paper. Also, they have strange behaviour that they disappear from online as soon as they receive your payment. Their writers are from Kenya, and Kenyan writers do not bring any quality products in English because they might not have proficiency in English as much as the native English writers have. Moreover, their clients have received poor quality writing manifold, and all of them are filled with plagiarized contents. When they are providing below average quality paper at expensive price, their clients are facing difficulties in their academic career due to poor quality paper, and also those papers may cause lose grades and debar from the course. Furthermore, they are in the top rank of black listed scam services across the worldwide.

There are so many review sites, which do impart relevant knowledge about all academic services that are working across the world. The information that is given by a genuine review site will be informative, as well as helpful. You do not need to be scared if you put on trust to a legit review site. In fact, the writers of a genuine company will be trusted, so that there is no need to be worried about its products.” I got terrifying experience from, which is providing filthy service. They were promised me standard quality paper when I placed my work. I trusted them, and I paid a fair amount. I received my paper 1 day before the deadline. I was so happy because I felt that it was unique and impressive writing. When I submitted to the paper into my professor, he founded that it was plagiarised with full of contents. As a result, I demanded them to give my money back, and they returned my money back after a long fight, but I was not able to submit my paper before the deadline. Therefore, I was seemed to be depressed because it was my research project. Essentially, these scam companies do not have any awareness about plagiarism detecting software. On the other hand, every university/college uses anti plagiarism software. Students have to be given more aware about these plagiarisms providing scam companies.” Says Anna. Students have to be vigilant on selecting an online writing service.

The company claims: claims “We collaborate with writers working remotely from the US, the UK, and other countries, to bring you the set of skills and expertise required for perfect essay writing on almost any topic. We have full-time writers working in our office with the newest software and equipment to offer you high quality and totally reliable essay writing services. Our writers can provide essay writing help, editing services and much more.” There is no authenticity in their arguments that they have full-time writers. Working hour does not matter for an academic writing. If a writer spends a lot time to create a paper, there will be no guarantee for an outstanding paper. A good writer can do fabulous work within less time, and he/she must have the ability to take care of a paper which has to be formed according to clients’ preferences. The writers of take enough and more time to create works but their papers have poor quality. Too much spending hour is by no means to bring an admirable writing. gives wrong information about newest software and equipment. Honestly, there is no need for any kind of equipment to write academic papers. Instead, there should be needed a sophisticated writer who can produce unique papers. The service has to give more priority to the writer than software and equipment. When there is a quality writer, it does not even need for plagiarism checking software. Mainly, scams companies are using plagiarism checker as their equipment. They have the tendency to cut and paste similar content of the topic from online database. The plagiarism checker helps to edit the contents, and giving hints for alternative words so that the paper will not be captured by any plagiarism checker again. As a result, the work seems to be a replica of another work. The work will not be a unique one.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

In case of academic writing service, feedback is playing a vital role. Many students have escaped fortunately from the clutches of scam service with the help of indispensable feedback. Feedback is an extract of previous customers’ experience. Here we have collected some facts about through readers of When majority of the clients are reported against a service, it is damn sure that they are an unwanted service. is a surplus service, has failed to give products in accordance with their clients requirements. Scam services like trigged off worries and struggles among students who are believed blindly on their service. They are using various kinds of gimmicks to attract students. For example, they project fake certificates that are boasting too much about their service. Even they are giving too old paper as a sample that is as a reference for students. Also, their writers cannot bring in new methods in writing. The writers are less acquainted with academic writing so that they cannot construct famous writing. The main core of writing is the competent writer who is flexible to make paper with his/her ingenuity.

Pros and Cons

They are providing stylistically and grammatically correct custom paper writing. They are correcting assignments with the help of software, which is correcting grammatical errors and problems in the style of writing. Such paper does not have uniqueness and it will not be noticeable as an outstanding assignment. Even if the paper seems to be free from grammatical errors, there is no chance for getting acceptance from the concerned authorities. Academic writing needs freshness in creation, and it should not be a duplication of someone’s work. There is no excuse for the perfection in academic writing, and perfection is a blend of freshness, clarity, uniqueness in the style of writing. Good writing gives motivation for a reader and the special motivation allow the reader to finish the paper avidly. Proficient writer has a solid perception and viewpoints about writing thus each works will be a masterpiece. Masterpiece from is never happen, and they will not ready to do that for the students. They are creating fake paper to make money voraciously.


First of all, when an academic writing service for students is an absolute necessity, is misusing students with the help of academic writing service. When the instructions and deadlines are stressful in academia, does always submit assignments to clients on delay, and delaying submission reduces grades that are necessary for students. You will not get what you are expecting from them either. Their papers never meet academic standards, and also the paper will not be exceeded your expectation. Their writers have failed to bring bright ideas in which the paper can stand out. They are not certainly citing sources all according to the citation style you require. Students should have an avid for more information that relates to a so-called academic writing service. If you have extremely interested to know all about the service, you will come to know about all information that connects with service.


The bar graph depicts the percentage of the remarkable change in the use of among students, who believed blindly in their service. There is no good news hear about in their clients. Online custom essay writing service should create a friendly atmosphere for students those who seek genuine services. In case of, things are entirely different from other genuine services. In fact, there should be needed a detailed probe to know more about its fabricated status. The graph is depicted due to the comments of previous clients of During a year, we can see the stunning change from positive to negative feedbacks that about their reputation in the midst of the customers of At the beginning of 2012, the positive feedback is at the topmost level between in January, 2012 to in June 2012. When we connect to negative feedbacks, there is only a slight difference between them. Evidently, it can hardly know which is the peak or lowest point. In the midst of the year, the positive feedback has come down to 655 with fewer clients, and the negative feedback heaved to an extent, and at the end of the year, the negative feedback arrived at 900, period in-between positive feedback had not found even the least change. As per the graph, the things are getting far from, and the comeback is impossible for them.

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