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Academic writing is getting tough for students as the syllabus becomes more and more vague and demanding. Each subject has its own importance so students cannot fugitive from their assignments indeed. They desperately need to get a writer. If truth be told, they need an assistant, who can assist with ample knowledge of various subjects. Getting support from a competent writer will be an enormous relief for students. Find a comfortable service is a tough job for students, indeed. Sometimes finding a genuine service is impossible to discover for students, those who are less familiar with writing services. Most clients have complained about them that they are misbehaving.

Misbehaviour of a few will adversely affect the whole writing service field. There are various reasons as to why scam services are disrupted. Primarily, such companies are too much concerned about money. Students may not be concerned to know their real status. As a matter of fact, scam companies should be segregated from the genuine companies by deep probe. Moreover, students should be better informed to take care of such problem which created by inauthentic services. Their filthy service might be an indication of their inappropriate behaviour, and also they will be a big threat to students' academic career. cannot prank students in the long run, for the reason that most their clients are commenting through various review sites that is a fake one, and get ride off from their dirty service as soon as possible. They come to know that they are avoided by students, and they can no longer continue acting as a genuine service. Now, they are concentrating on new clients those who fall prey for attractive offers. “I was not aware about their dirty service as a custom essay writing service when I placed my assignment. I received my paper on time but it was filled with errors such as grammatical, lexical, and typos. In addition, I have also lost all money, which I had in my account. I used a credit card without any precautions. They hacked my account, and stolen my money. It is a risky service that more than you think.” Says Jason Scheer.

The company claims: claims “ was designed as a helping hand for students in today's tumultuous fast-paced academic environment. From the very moment you become our client you can set your worries about missed deadlines and money scams aside. We are well aware of the expectation you have for trustworthy custom writing service and we can assure you that it is exactly what we are striving for. Our clients will get an opportunity to avail themselves of an ample amount of writing services that we offer. On top of all that, there is always a super friendly support team to assist you”. It is not a trustworthy company as they promise on their website. Instead, is a scam service, which does snatch your money. Moreover, the service of will cause you double problem; you will get poor quality paper. The writers of are less aware about academic writing, and also they do not have an adequate qualification or knowledge in a specific subject. Essentially, vast knowledge is not an enough for academic writing. It should be needed to know how to bend the language according to the needs of a client. A service must be understood that college and university years form the foundation for students’ future career. Therefore, the obligation of a service is to provide help and academic support to those students, who experience difficulties in their studies. In addition, they have to be putting clients on the right track and giving proper guiding. So that students can understand how it is done.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

Academic writing is considered as a peaceful job, but some scam companies are spoiled it. There should be needed a change to avoid the uncertainty. We got some important feedbacks from the readers of As per the readers’ comments, their academic life deteriorated because of the poor quality paper of Lots of clients have lost grades due to the plagiarized contents on the topic. Furthermore, they do not provide an opportunity to stay updated throughout the whole writing process. Also, there is not getting any progress report in order to understand the situation of the paper while processing. A service must need to be given a detailed explanation of what has already been done. Then only, clients will be aware of the situation, and gain control. Even a fraction of plagiarism in the paper affects students’ reputation; hence the paper must be checked every time by a plagiarism detector whenever a correction is made. Also, if you request a plagiarism report from, they give guarantee with baseless promises. You cannot expect a screenshot of a plagiarism detection report or other similar authentic proofs. Their words are their only promise which evaporates as soon as your paper is marked as completed by their writer. Although, their support staffs are available even on weekends, they cannot answer the doubts from clients. seems to be a dead service from the beginning itself. Besides, they are not providing friendly approach to the clients.” First of all, I am very happy to get this platform to talk about its useless service. I used the service previously, and it was an awful experience for me. One thing I should say that they will never consider you as a client who expects an original paper. Instead, they will consider you as a cash cow through which they can continue you to bill for revisions after a certain limit. Despite of their revision efforts you will not be getting any worthy variations.” says Donald.

Pros and Cons

Reasonable pricing is the main advantage of, and most of the clients are attracted especially by the price. On the other hand, their paper has less quality if the paper compares to other genuine services. Reasonable price is their trick to fascinate students. A genuine service has never sold their products at cheap rate. Also, there doesn't compromise on the quality of writing papers. In case of, they have been giving poor quality writing ever since they started the venture. Furthermore, lots of students have faced difficulties during their academic life because of its low quality writing.


For scam service, plagiarism is considered as a method to attain more money, and they do not feel any regret to sell plagiarised contents to the students, those who are dependent, and vulnerable. In fact, students are being misused by Scam Company like Things are getting worst than before because they have started to steal money from clients with the help of poor quality writing. Due to the poor writing, the situation is very pathetic in academic writing. Such attitude will adversely affect other companies; those are running service with integrity. Their writers do not have highest academic standards; as a result they cannot meet the needs of the clients, who come up with requirements. A writer must have a vital role to play in academic writing, and he/she can bring an exceptional custom written paper for customers. Their writers do not know how to access numerous resources and scientific databases. Hence, they will not create well-grounded and well-researched custom papers. Authentic service should be very adherence to the order requirements and proper application of citation styles.


The bar graph depicts the percentage of the remarkable change in the use among students, who need an authentic service to place their academic works. As you look at the graph, you can find that clients have a strong aversion towards Therefore they can no longer remain as a genuine service because most of the students have aware about their fake identity and service. During a year, we can see the stunning change from positive to negative feedbacks that about their reputation in the midst of customers. At the beginning of 2012, the positive feedback is at the topmost level between in January, 2012 to in June 2012. When we connect to negative feedbacks, there is only a slight difference between them. Evidently, it can hardly know which is the peak or lowest point. In the midst of the year, the positive feedback has come down to 575 with fewer clients, and the negative feedback heaved to an extent, and at the end of the year, the negative feedback arrived at 900, period in-between positive feedback had not found even the least change. It is a helpless service so that everyone should keep one foot distance from it. Most of their clients have raised complaints about their service. But, they do not change their attitude towards academic writing.

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