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The internet has bought about changes in all walks of life, and its impact on various fields such as education, information, medicine and more. In contrast, a lot of inauthentic companies and people uses internet as a medium to con naive clients those who are less conversant with the internet. For instance,, which is an online custom easy writing service, and know as one of the worst essay writing service across the world. Even though they give attractive offers to students to order 100% original essays, research papers, term papers, book reports, coursework, thesis, case studies, and resumes, they do not have enough capability to make a space in the clients mind. Also, claims to be the best custom essay writing service while they have failed to give valuable services to their clients up to now. In fact, some inauthentic proofs do help them to create a good-will among new clients. We have doubt about their confidence. Most of the clients are inadvertently trapped of their enticement approach. Therefore, new clients should ponder authenticity and accuracy of

The company claims:

First of all, they argue that they have been working as an online custom easy writing service since 1997, which means they are well-versed in the so-called field of writing. Moreover, they do have reasonable and affordable price lists when they compare with other companies. Also, the task would be executed in order to the convenience of clients by the harp time on the deadline. Another thing, they offer toll free phone numbers for the US, AU and UK, 24/7 online live chat through the web site.

Based on the feedbacks collected from readers:

Interestingly, according to the feedbacks that we have collected and received from ‘’ subscribers, the writers do not have any skills and talents, and the works don’t have any accuracy, clarity, and perfection either. In addition, the writers seem to be mediocrities those who have lack of rational and comprehensive thinking. Hence, they should have needed creativity and capability to fulfil their clients’ needs. Indeed, our research team have discovered some pertinent evidences about their services. They are Ukraine based scam writing service provider, and they have an aim to deteriorate all students’ academic life. Hence, every client’s must be careful to give assignments to such a fraud site and it is better to scotch such harmful sites from the beginning itself. Otherwise, it will be created a huge hardship in students’ future life.

Pros and Cons

Essentially, the affordable price of the is not precise at all. As exemplified by, they cannot carry a sufficient project result meanwhile they are offering reasonable price list for their clients. Also, it seems to be an opaque nature in their character to trick their clients. They are merely concentrating on ample offers for clients rather than clarity in works. Moreover, fake identity will help to elevate a false good-will among their clients. Besides, fake timely response is another method in which they could easily attract all new clients.


The first thing is less competent writers in their hand, and it will be bringing worst products as well as making distress among clients. Also, the writers do not have any ingenuity and perseverance while they do write task. Therefore, Lack of required skills in writing will fetch low quality writing, and irrational thinking will affect their works either. They are not able to providing trustworthy products because they are ill-equipped. They have failed to complete works on time thereby many clients have lost their marks so far. They do not keep promises that they had given to clients at earlier.

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